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The only stop valve that installs directly over the old compression brass ferrule. 




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A Simpler Way to Replace Compression Valves

ACCOR’s patented PUSHON® technology enables plumbers to push the new Flowtite R-SERIES valve directly over the old brass ferrule.  FlowTites unique O-ring design completely seals off the existing ferrule while the stainless gripper ring secures the valve to the pipe forming the same long lasting seal that ACCOR has proven to be reliable. 

  • 10 year limited warranty including labor and material.
  • Original one-piece factory attached connector eliminates potential joint leaks
  • Pressure tested to 1,000 psi.
Long-term proven technology performance.
  • Over 25 million PUSHON® technology valve installations in over 2 million U.S. homes since 1988.
Versatile solution for valve replacement across property.
No lead, no internal corrosion, no brass dezincification.
  • 100% non-metallic water contact design.
  • NSF Certified Health Safe.

  • Replaces compression, solder and glue-on valves and can be installed on new pipe.

Provides property-owner protection while reducing maintenance costs.
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