• New Construction?

    A proven, lead-free supply stop solution for connecting PEX, Copper, and CPVC piping systems to fixtures and appliances. ACCOR’s patented PUSHON technology makes its valves and fittings the fastest and most reliable system to install.

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  • Supply Stop Valves
    for New Pipe

    ACCOR’s one-piece valve/connector construction simplifies installation and eliminates joint leaks. Plumbers save time and eliminate callbacks.

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  • Compression Valve Replacement?

    The ONLY stop valve that installs over the old brass ferrule simplifying compression valve replacement in seconds, no tools required.

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  • Supply Stop for Repair/Remodel Projects

    A Better Way to replace old or leaking compression valves. ACCOR’s R-SERIES line with its original one-piece valve/connector system simplifies kitchen and bath upgrades.

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  • ACCOR® Products

    Built for Speed and Performance, ACCOR is the complete solution for connecting plumbing fixtures and appliances to your piping systems. 
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  • PUSHON® Technology

    Unique, patented PUSHON Technology enables ACCOR products to be the fastest valve/fitting installations, eliminates use of tools and secures to pipe with double the gripping power.
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  • Our Company

    Pioneers of Push-fit, ACCOR Technology is dedicated to creating innovative plumbing solutions that are 100% American-made and of the highest quality.
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